TRWE Board of Directors

The TRWE Board of Directors is the body that governs and oversees the quality of the program and is the link between TRWE and the Upper Room Ministries. The Board of Directors is responsible for fulfilling the covenant with Upper Room Ministries as stated in the letter of agreement.

Ron Hujik Community Lay Director
Assistant Lay Director
Kellie Wild Secretary
Chub Dietz Treasurer/Community Lay Director, emeritus
Scott Gallagher Spiritual Director, emeritus
Merle Timko Spiritual Director
Madeline Rainy Agape
Ed Saxman Communications
Karen Edwards Facilities/Kitchen
Bob Dippolito Fellowship
Katy Selzer Fourth Day
Pam Walter Music
Maxine Ellis Purchasing
Gary Kanouff Reunion Groups
Ron Saccol Literature
Judy Grice Registration
Mike Wild Tech