How do I serve on a team? The first step in serving is to make sure you are in a Reunion Group and fill out the Desire to Serve form to let the community lay directors know you are interested in serving.

How are teams chosen? A team selection comittee meets and prayerfully considers those that are avaialble to serve based on the progressive servant model provided by the Upper Room Walk to Emmaus. This committee is run by the TRWE Board, the walk lay and spiritual directors, and volunteers.

What is the progressive servanthood model? The intent of “progressive servanthood" development provides those who serve on teams the opportunity to be the hands and feet and to learn more and more about the Emmaus program as a participant whose job it is to support the pilgrims and to lend assistance to the weekend leadership. Teams are developed by using the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 model recommended by the Upper Room. This model suggests that 1/3 of the team be made up of new members (those who have just taken their walk and who have not, previously, served on a team). Another 1/3 of the team should be those who have worked on several walks (2 – 4) in various roles. The last 1/3 is made of experienced team members who have served as team leaders and are being groomed for weekend leadership.

As with many organizations developing new and mature leaders is often a challenge. TRWE has committed to the Upper Room requirement of placing high priority on education and training of community members.

What commitment is required for teaming? The most important aspect is to be prepared to come with a servant heart! The teaming process is a four day (every Saturday for four weeks) training program designed to prepare members for the actual walk. Talks are previewed, specific job requirements reviewed, walk aspects discussed, and of course, worship, fellowship, joy and food! Each team member is provided a teaming manual that reviews the weekend and their specific role on the walk.

When and where are these teaming sessions held? Presently, the teaming sessions are held at Ingomar UMC in Ingomar, PA from 9:00 AM to approximately 3:30 PM over a four week period preceding the walks. The site may change due to the lay directors and team make-up.

What does it cost to serve on a Walk? Our cost for team members is about $200 per person, but it depends to some extent on where a particular Walk is held. However, we do not want cost to be a deterrence to your service. Confidential scholarships may be available, so discuss with the community spiritual director.

Do I choose my position? Each Lay Director prayerfully considers his or her team and asks individuals to serve in certain roles. The progressive servanthood model stipulates that new servants start on the support team, followed by inside team as asisstant table leaders, table leaders, assistant lay directors, then lay director in training, finally to lay director. Speciality roles such as music or tech are part of the inside team.

What other activities are involved? Team members are recognized and commissioned at the Community Gathering that falls closest to the walks and are asked to attend this worship service. The post walk mini-reunion for the pilgrims is also an event that is highly suggested to attend for team members as well.